About Me

You can call me T. that’s basically what I go by even with my parents. I can describe myself as a slightly insane but still sweet, loving,  and romantic individual (I am a Cancer after all) who has a naturally witty/bitchy tongue. I’m rather “weird” so my mannerisms and taste in things will probably creep some people out.

I am a Graphic designer and photographer and while people may think I am narcissistic for posting so many photos of myself I really am not. Music soothes the savage beast that I can be so at times as well so I post a lot of my favorite songs on my blog. 

My main pet peeves are people who can’t commit, liars, cheaters and selfishness. Can’t stand it one bit and if you are any of those things in bulk we probably can’t be friends

Anyways if you want to know anything else just ask. I usually answer all questions.